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Unequal division of inheritance & Women's right to property in India

Property loans in India are available all across the country for anyone who desires to buy a home or invest in a commercial enterprise.

The most sought after category is the home loans. Ever since banks and financial institutions opened up and lowered the lending rates the number of applicants for home loans has increased.

About 15 years ago it was difficult to get home loans and f if he banks did give they did so with plenty of scrutiny and time. Now it takes less then a week to get a home loan.

Even NRIs who wish to invest or buy properties in India take home loans.

Some even apply online with banks like HDFC, ICICI Bank and State Bank of India without any hassles. In most places there are single window clearances to get loans.
The property loans are payable back on EMI (easy monthly installments).

Even these can be fixed or floating depending on the payment structure that one wants to opt for. Most banks give more or less the same rate of lending. EMIs change depending on the way a person can pay back.

Any property loan can be taken or availed of only if one has a sufficient capacity to pay off. One can take as many as 20 years to payback.

Weather it is investment, property loans the bright spot is easy accessibility for the common person whose dreams can be realized in this lifetime and also enjoyed simultaneously.

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