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The capital has been a refuge for many people in the country and outside of it as well. Right form the time India was partitioned Delhi has given enough space and continues to accommodate people from neighboring states. Thanks to late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, Delhi became one of the best capitals of the world. The wide roads, avenues of lined trees, and now flyovers, metros and better infrastructure make Delhi more livable for foreigners at least. They swear by the better working conditions, nice affordable houses, rocking nightlife and accessibility to everything they need to live in the country.

Today New Delhi’s skyline is multi-storied. The metro rail has made it accessible to further regions. Neighboring Gurgaon and Noida areas have spacious locations to attract buyers. Prices may have gone up by 20% and the facility matrix has also increased simultaneously. People have more access to security systems, parking spaces and open spaces.
Areas in South Delhi like Golf Links, Panchsheel, Jorbagh and West End are now buzzing with the latest construction activities. In nearby Gurgaon the barren space is now teeming with huge skyscrapers, BPO units, and industrial activities. New Delhi is a place where one can actually have large expanses of green acres, the concept of landscaping & gardening became popular in the 1990s’, especially when well-kept and scenic farmhouses came into demand for outdoor shooting locations with a lot of television serials being made.

Today as much emphasis is laid on, landscaping to enhance the value of the developed property and this became a feature that customers were willing to bargain for.  It is apparent in the new locations coming up in and around metros and the adjoining areas even in the hill stations. To help people with a passion for green there are over 2000 green growers including horticulturists, various other private, and public sectors organizations. The political hub of the country will continues to attract NRI investors and also foreign homebuyers and professionals.


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