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Unequal division of inheritance & Women's right to property in India


Before Kerala was declared ‘God’s own country’ and 50 top destinations to visit in the world before dying -there was Goa. The small state known mainly for its beautiful coast-to-coast silvery sandy beaches has attracted tourists from all over the world since the early sixties. The flower power generation then and the new generation have been returning to this ‘paradisio’ for more sand, sliver beaches and waters frothing on its shores.

The attitude of the Goan people (predominately Catholic, Portuguese and Hindus), friendly nature, welcoming properties on the beachfront beckon any nature lover…rather sea lover to Goa. Plenty of foreigners have bought property but illegally. It is far better to have a wave of your own to surf without the tension of being held as an illegal immigrant. Here’s what you should do to for buying beachfront property in Goa.
Abiding by the rules and laws of the land is important where ever you go. Goa is no different. Law also binds people who have lived in ancestral property for years. Any owner who owns a house leaves the property on death equally to all children in the house (even if there are 20 grandchildren they too have a tiny share).  Well, it is a little difficult to digest but it is the truth. So if any changes have to be made it should be done during the lifetime itself.  Another important rule is that those who wish to by property in Goa need to have a minimum 182-day stay in the state to get a property in their name.

Without this perquisite forget buying anything even legally. The charm of the place lies in knowing all the rules before any deal is struck. There are more foreigners looking at buying beachfront property in Goa, NRIs and of course Indians from other states who are doing business there or go there regularly for work. The state is friendlier to foreigners who can afford to pay a little extra cash to have a property to let during their holiday in India.
Property prices in Goa have risen by 15% with those of some beachfront properties touching premium rates. But all beachfront properties are not worth investing in. Some like Calungate beach are still infested with the hippies, loud music and tattooed backpackers. Arambol beach continues to be a favorite for the naked, skin flick look. If you are looking at some premium properties look at Candolim beach.

It is worth the sea view you wish to invest in. Goa builders did not take much advantage of the property boom elsewhere in the country but stuck to their oldie goldies for long. It was only when the foreigners flashed dollars and pounds and NRIs flashed their petrodollars did some serious construction activity start taking place. One of the leading developers in the state is now cashing on the beachfront properties wisely.
Goa is a nice place, but don’t get washed away by the tides of rising real estate. Get to know the rules, the laws and play the game your way!



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